A heartwarming tale of little lost Casey trying to find his way home.  
Poodle in a Puddle educates on the importance of microchipping our pets, and  reminds us to keep our contact information current.  

Unfortunately, an alarming number of lost pets never get reunited with their owners
because their microchip contact information was not updated.

Sales of Poodle in a Puddle support donations to Dr. Good's Homeless Pets Foundation in Marietta, GA


Attention all animal lovers! 
Be sure to check out the author’s additional book – The History of Homeless Pet Clubs

This educational yet fun story follows Michael Good, a Marietta, GA,veterinarian, from childhood to present in his mission to save the livesof homeless pets.

This little gem explains how Dr. Good came upwith the idea for his fun, free, & effective
Homeless Pet Clubs which to date have saved the lives of over 20,000 dogs and cats.

Additionally, you will learn tips on how to take good care of your pet,
and your heart will be touched by the true stories of Annie, Stallone and
Woofer the Wonderdog.  Sales support donations to Dr. Good's Homeless Pet Clubs.